Basic parameters

The inner layer of the three-layer protective mask is Albo nanosilver filter. In that part of the mask are on to every square centimeter of its surface, there are billions of densely distributed nanoparticles in cotton fiber threads. It is practically a “minefield” through which should a virus or bacteria pass so that they enter the body without touching any of the silver nanoparticles. The probability that this will happen with this protective mask is negligible because every contact of viruses or bacteria with the silver nanoparticles is deadly for them. That’s why these masks have exceptional efficiency which has been confirmed by biological tests at the Veterinary Institute in Belgrade in the accredited Laboratory for Medicines and Food.
If the durability of the protective mask is taken into account, it is easy to determine that it is much inexpensive even than the cheapest masks on the market. Practically, the durability of a protective mask with nanosilver filter is measured in months, optional 2-3 months of daily use (depending on the method of maintenance). Ought to note, that the vast majority of other masks now on the market perform minimally their function, so it is recommended that they are best removed and discarded after an hour and a half wearing, rather than using them further. In a very short time all these other masks can be filled with viruses and bacteria, which very quickly penetrate the body as soon as the mask is worn slightly moistened.

Commercial effect of using our mask for the consumer

As a brief analysis of the commercial effect of the nanosilver protective mask, the fact that if a pair of any of the other masks currently on are used each day market and they do not guarantee any protection, in case their price is below 100 dinars, it is obvious that after 10 days of buying one of these masks with nanosilver, each the person would have very clear savings. Since the mask with nanosilver has a durability of at least 2 months, (since this is the time at which the effectiveness of the mask decreases by about 20%, after even 10 possible washes of this mask), it is clear that the commercial effect for that person, multiple. In addition to the indisputable health safety of the mask with nanosilver, it is also very important commercial effect, ie. savings for every person who uses it.
We emphasize all this in particular, since there is currently no mask of similar caracteristics on the market.

Mask efficiency

Nanosilver has proven to be the most effective additive in killing all types of viruses, bacteria and fungus. That is why this mask has a unique filter, which is in experiments with the most dangerous bacterial species showed perfect efficacy, as in a study at the Veterinary Institute in the Laboratory for Drugs and Food, no bacteria were able to survive on them while on other surgical masks that are most common, multiplied by tens of millions of bacteria.
Also, any contact of the virus with nanosilver is expected to be deadly to all types of viruses, including Covid 19 (ongoing testing). Most of the other masks currently on the market are mostly from the eastern climate, plus they have minimal protection effects, as confirmed by many studies that are in performed abroad on a large number of medical workers. Also, surgical and epidemiological masks with various special numbered filters, are very insecure, since according to recent research, the virus to diffuse from the outside to their inside aside, he has about 10 minutes.

Mask maintenance

The mask with this filter can be washed at temperatures up to 40 C, but only by hand washing in lukewarm water with liquid laundry detergent, liquid hand detergent, soap for hands and in the absence of the previous one, a smaller amount of liquid dishwashing detergent can be used. For daily maintenance at the end of the day after use, ironing or disinfection is recommended exterior and interior, various spray disinfectants, then leave to dry. Practically the mask has an extremely long lifespan, as it slowly changes its protective over time properties.
Silver nanoparticles have a high efficiency of destroying over 650 types of bacteria as well virus, which is especially found on the HIV virus, which has a very close configuration to the virus Covid 19.
In the summer months, instead of ironing, it is enough to expose them to the strong sun for a few hours. Long-term testing of the use of this mask, as well as its effectiveness in protection even after the 10th washing is in progress. The mask is intended primarily for medical staff who need it the highest possible degree of protection. There is a high probability, which will be known very soon after additional tests that are in progress, so that the protective efficiency of the mask does not decrease significantly after its several monthly uses.

The testing of Albo nano-silver filter on Sars-CoV-2 has shown us expected good results. More precisely exceptional antivirus fact of Albo nano-silver filter on Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Brief comparison of the effectiveness of epidemiological masks N95 and N99, with a mask that has a built-in Albo nanosilver filter


  • ALBO nanosilver filter – a unique solution worldwide
  • Exceptional efficiency in preventing the passage of viruses and bacteria through the filter
  • Shelf life minimum 3 months
  • Possibility of washing at 60c
  • Affordable price
  • Protect the user of the mask as well as its surroundings
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